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Excess Baggage:

Luggage Free makes shipping luggage easy and affordable. Instead of fighting through crowded airports while dragging bags you have to pay to bring on board, let Luggage Free provide you with its premium door-to-door service. There are no surprise fees for overweight luggage and items that do not fit within strictly defined physical dimensions. What’s more, with affordable rates and a range of available shipping options, Luggage Free can help with your excess luggage shipping, sending baggage of any size or weight anywhere in the United States, Canada, or to more than 150 countries worldwide. From delivering everything from standard suitcases to golf bags, to sending items like skis or snowboards ahead to your destination, Luggage Free has got you covered..

Students travel to college every year, often flying from one part of the country to another. Driving personal belongings cross country may not be practical or affordable. Carrying a dorm room or apartment’s worth of stuff through increasingly complex airport checkpoints can be incredibly frustrating. Allowing Luggage Free to help with your additional baggage delivery means one less thing to worry about. Also, students can bring items from home that can make their college experience more comfortable, allowing them to concentrate on more important things, like studying – and making new friends.

Luggage Free representatives can be at your door within six hours of your call if you live in a major Bangalore city, and at your door within twenty-four hours anywhere else in the India, with 3 to 4 days internationally. In providing your extra baggage delivery needs, your items will be carefully labeled to ensure your baggage arrives clean and undamaged.

Not knowing if your bags will be waiting for you when you arrive at your destination adds an extra layer of stress to the typical hassles of airline travel. For your extra baggage delivery needs, Luggage Free comes through for you with continual tracking of your items as part of its service. You’ll know your baggage has arrived at your destination even before you have. Rates are very affordable. Please refer to the pricing charts to select a time frame that best suits your needs and budget. Also, when dealing with courier services for excess luggage, bulky items like bicycles are no problem.

Say it with me now: I deserve better. In fact, Luggage Free thinks you deserve the best and we’re here to deliver it to you. Do you really want to let the airline handle your excess baggage? You don’t know what condition your bags will arrive back to you in, or whether they’ll arrive at all. Luggage Free will not only pick up bags from your door and have them waiting for you when you arrive at your destination, but also we will take extra good care of your stuff to protect your bags as well as what’s inside.

We promise a cost effective, safe & secure and on time delivery of your shipment to the desired destination.